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Emerging as a luminous beacon in the musical firmament, NT, predominantly acclaimed as NT, has recently seized the spotlight with the debut of his electrifying track, “Rari”. At the tender age of 21, this prodigious singer-songwriter showcases an exceptional artistic depth, a testament to his early immersion into the musical realm.

Imbued with the musical ethos since the age of 13, Norton‘s journey was significantly shaped by his familial surroundings and the illustrious figures of his youth. His father, a distinguished guitarist and rhumba vocalist in the ’90s, alongside his elder brother, a fervent rapper, have been instrumental in honing Norton’s musical education. These eclectic influences are echoed in NT‘s distinctive sound, a seamless fusion of rhumba rhythms and contemporary hip-hop elements.

NT‘s foray into the musical sphere was catalyzed by his comrades, culminating in the creation of a hip-hop ensemble renowned for its melodic choruses, with Norton quickly ascending as its soulful nucleus. The countless hours spent in the studio—composing, rapping, and recording—sharpened his passion and commitment to music, fueling his pursuit of excellence even after the ensemble disbanded when he was 18. Undeterred, he embarked on a solo career, underscored by an auspicious contract with MP Records and the anticipation of an upcoming EP.

Yet, NT‘s artistic expression extends beyond music. A connoisseur of the fashion world, he views it as an integral extension of his artistry, striving for a blend of simplicity with a dash of uniqueness in both his musical and personal style. With “Rari”, NT cordially invites his audience into a vibrant artistic domain, promising a meteoric rise in both the music and fashion industries. Armed with unwavering ambition and a distinct flair, NT not only seeks to make his mark with his musical innovation but also aims to leave an indelible impact on the fashion scene.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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