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Many Santana asserts that “Paname c’est tragique”!

Many Santana unveiled his project “Phantom” in 2023. He now makes his return with the track “Paname c’est tragique”, an ironic response to the popular saying that glorifies the French capital. This track, which follows in the footsteps of the Paris Saint-Germain anthem and the successes of Ninho and Leto, sets the rapper apart in the contemporary urban landscape.

Many Santana asserts that “Paname c’est tragique”!

The musical composition of the piece is the work of Flem, an essential figure in the French Drill scene. Collaborating with Django on the project “S/O le Flem”, this producer has helped propel talents such as Freeze Corleone and Jey Brownie. His work creates a captivating and unique atmosphere.
The rapper delves into his personal experiences, with visuals captured by Chakib Aïffa, a talented director known for his short film “LOC” and his collaboration with DTF on “Paraît-il”.

Below, discover the music video for “Paname c’est tragique”:

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