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Ninho and Omah Lay present to us “Bad”!

Ninho and Omah Lay present to us “Bad“! N.I has come a long way. Since the first time his rap touched the ears of his fans with his debut mixtape “M.I.L.S,” the rapper from 91 has climbed the ranks one by one. After achieving his “Destiny” with a first diamond record, he continues to accumulate successes. Following “Jefe,” he unveils his new album “N.I.” On the album cover, he gazes into the mirror of his youth, realizing the journey he has undertaken. This new album includes collaborations with international artists such as Lil Baby, Ayra Starr, Central Cee, and Omah Lay.

Ninho and Omah Lay present to us “Bad“!

The instrumental composition of the song is signed by Le Marabout and D-Way Beats. These two French beatmakers have worked alongside artists such as Leto, Tisco, and Norsacce. The instrumental production carries Afro influences, allowing the flow of the two artists who share their life experiences to shine through. The melody flows smoothly, and Ninho and Omah Lay complement each other perfectly.

The video was shot in Ghana, in African favelas, featuring Ninho and Omah Lay amidst children and the local population. The video was directed by Matéo Da Silva, a Parisian director who has worked on recent music videos for Tayc and Joé Dwèt Filé. The result is magnificent.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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