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Gips and Osirus Jack navigate the shadowy world of “Cookies Kush”!

Gips and Osirus Jack navigate the shadowy world of “Cookies Kush“!It’s been 3 years since the release of “Le Monde est à Nous” by Gips, featuring collaborations with Jul, Naps, Lemon Haze, Kofs, Kamikaze, Lynda, Elams, and Gradur. In 2023, Gips is releasing multiple singles, hinting at a new project for 2024. Recently, he unveiled the visuals for his collaboration with Osirus Jack on “Cookies Kush,” where the rapper’s dark universe fully comes to life while retaining his charisma.

Gips and Osirus Jack navigate the shadowy world of “Cookies Kush“!

The instrumental composition for this track is signed by 71Beats. The music is impactful and rhythmic, albeit tinged with darkness. It’s not surprising that the beatmaker is associated with Jul, for whom he created the track “Superstar.” He has also contributed to two collective compilations by Jul: “Le Classico Organisé” and “13 Organisé.”

In “Cookies Kush,” Gips and Osirus Jack deliver their verses in an environment reminiscent of the world of drugs. The video, directed by Hustler Games, immerses us in the heart of a drug lab, with a few indirect nods to the series “Breaking Bad.” Hustler Games is a well-known name for the past decade, both in the independent rap scene and the major music industry.

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