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Fresh creates a diptych for “PKS #2”!

Fresh creates a diptych for “PKS #2“!The winner of the Nouvelle École is back after the release of his project “À l’Abri“. He launched the series of freestyles “PKS a few weeks ago. After the first installment titled “Ça Pue sa Mère“, he now unveils “Misère Misère“. Like other artists have recently done, he presents this single in the form of a diptych.

Fresh creates a diptych for “PKS #2“!

DA Uzi, with his “WeLaRue” freestyles, initiated a movement that we even found in the track “Darkside / Gone” performed by Kendrick Lamar. We find a similar concept in the blue and red pill from Gims. These diptychs are never trivial; they always conceal a metaphor. If for DA Uzi, the “WeLaRue” diptych representslife today / life before“, for Fresh on this track “Misère / Misère“, it symbolizes the two facets of “Misère“, both the one we endure and the one we cause. The title was logically composed by the duo Jized and NatewKeyz. Everything changes at one minute twenty-five, we transition from one form of misery to another.

Jized is credited on three tracks from Fresh‘s project, namely “Kobe“, “Spéciale“, and “Midi/Minuit“. He also contributed to the composition of the classic “Allez Dehors“. NatewKeyz has also collaborated with Fresh as well as with artists such as Joé Dwèt Filé. The instrumental production is dual, reflecting the two facets of this same “Misère“. Fresh won the first edition of “Nouvelle École” thanks to his boundless energy. Whether on the first or second part of “Misère“, he is simply electric.

The video was directed by Divercity Record. Level Santana, Nyda, and Gradur, many have worked with this Belgian director. He is also currently working on a somewhat controversial short film.

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