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Moubarak narrates in “Corps Griffé”!

Moubarak unveiled his EP “Épreuves” on February 24, 2024. Like others before him, SCH with “JVLIVS”, or even Nekfeu with “Les étoiles vagabondes”, Moubarak presented his project as a film EP. The story narrates the descent into hell of a man. Following “Bousiller” and “Cristalline”, the artist reveals his continuation with “Corps Griffé”.

Moubarak narrates in “Corps Griffé”!

The instrumental production of the track was signed by Kwary. Like Moubarak, the beatmaker is in the circle of the rapper Jul. He produced “Ma Gentillesse” for the Marseille rapper. The beatmaker also placed quite a few tracks for Moubarak, notably “Gamberge” and “Sur le Ring”. The production is rather slow and melodious. Moubarak initially drew inspiration from Jul‘s electric style on his early tracks before branching out on his own.

Moubarak narrates despair subjectively: “J’vois noir, j’sais que j’vais tout mélanger”. No boasting, no testosterone-fueled speeches, the pessimistic artist describes his dark thoughts.

Like the other music videos in the series, “DrB” is at the helm to direct this somewhat cinematic adventure. The artist had collaborated with Moubarak previously.

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