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Moubarak stands out with “Bousiller”

Moubarak unveiled his EP titled “Épreuves” (Trials), enhancing the musical landscape with a notable collaboration with Jul. In a promotional effort for this ambitious project, he introduced “Bousiller” (Wreck), a piece that stands as the spearhead of this EP. Moubarak’s trajectory, now under the guidance of Jul, has its roots in a shared history deep in their neighborhood, revealed in an interview with “Trente-trois degrés” (Thirty-three degrees) in 2022. He recounts their meeting and Jul’s invitation to join his label, “D’or et de Platine” (Gold and Platinum), aiming to highlight their neighborhood. Jul, known for his humane approach and closeness, maintains the image of an accessible rapper, filming his music videos in the heart of his neighborhood, even after reaching the pinnacle of success.

Moubarak stands out with “Bousiller”, demonstrating the influence of Jul while unfolding a rich and diverse musical universe, especially highlighted since “Dans le vrai” (In the True). For “Bousiller Part.1”, the artist collaborated with Maz Beatz and Madnzo, delivering a classical piano production that leans towards slam poetry, imbued with melancholy, to narrate the moving story of a downfall.

The visual realization of the music video, signed by DRB, follows a strong narrative approach, adopting an external perspective to capture the essence of the story. This effort illustrates Moubarak’s desire to create a work that is both personal and universal, seamlessly navigating between musical genres with ease and depth.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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