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Delador is revolutionizing the music scene with his new single “Bobo”

Delador, an artist of many talents, has made a strong impact on the music scene with the release of his latest single titled “Bobo”. Singer, dancer, and actor, Delador began his artistic journey with his first performance at BOBINO in Paris in 2008. Since then, he has managed to captivate a wide audience with his unique and authentic style, skillfully blending Afro and R&B influences.

This new track is a prelude to an even more ambitious musical project: the upcoming release of his EP titled N.E.D.E – “Swimming Between Two Waters”. This promises to be a bold exploration of relationships between men and women, pushing moral boundaries and offering something new and refreshing to the music scene. Delador, a perfectionist at heart, aims to bring a unique and personal touch to Afro Urban music, thus offering his listeners an unprecedented sonic experience.

But Delador doesn’t limit himself to just his music; he also places great importance on stage performance. Drawing on his experience, he meticulously creates immersive stage setups to immerse his audience in his “African Deep” universe. His unique voice, both soft and rugged, instantly captivates the listener and takes them on a unique emotional journey. With “Bobo”, Delador invites us into the heart of African Deep, a bold fusion of Afrobeat and R&B, redefining the boundaries of contemporary music.

This single is not just a song; it is the prelude to a deeper exploration with “N.E.D.E” (Swimming Between Two Waters), the first installment of Delador’s visionary project. This debut work not only highlights his ability to weave deep connections between diverse musical genres, but also affirms Delador as the pioneering voice of a new creative wave. “Bobo” thus heralds the arrival of an artist destined to become a legend, marking the beginning of a new era in music rich in innovation and creativity.

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