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Lamatrix and Leto have a “VDM” (Vie De Malade – Sick Life)!

Lamatrix is an artist hailing from the 78. He has announced a new project for February titled “Serein”. After the release of several singles, including “Lossa” and “Mode Race”, the rapper is making a comeback with a new track featuring Leto.

Lamatrix and Leto have a “VDM” (Vie De Malade – Sick Life)!

The instrumental composition is the work of Hoodstar. The Francilian beatmaker is one of the assets of the artist Ninho, for instance, accompanying him since his early days. However, the producer also collaborates with other rappers such as Freeze Corleone and SCH, for example. The production has a good vibe, more melodic, and the two rappers indulge in their ego trip with calm.

Hustler Game Premium directed this track. The video is dominated by a bluish color, and the artists depict this “VDM” (“vie de malade” – sick life) they lead. Luxury cars and beautiful women, the artist’s life is a sick life. The production company is in high demand today, and many artists have worked with them, including Momsi and Zed for “Cheval Rouge”, as well as Mister You and Lacrim for “Gogeta”.

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