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Lacrim’s Rap Comeback: ”Florent Pagny’ Freestyle

Lacrim’s Rap Comeback: ”Florent Pagny’ Freestyle. In 2021, Lacrim unveiled the massive “Persona non grata.” He has just made his return to Werenoi’s Planète Rap with the freestyle “Florent Pagny.” The track has seen such success that the artist from Chevilly-la-Rue decided to release it as a single. In this avalanche of punchlines, rage, and anger, it feels like we’re rediscovering Lacrim at his beginnings. Even before the release of “Corleone,” his first gold record, the rapper from the 94 already had an exceptional reputation when it comes to his freestyles.

It’s no coincidence that Maes chose one of his old street freestyles when asked to create a playlist of his favorite tracks on the OKLM media. The instrumental composition of the track was produced by two rap heavyweights: Mohand and Ovraground. The first, a Parisian beatmaker, has made his mark everywhere. He notably produced “King” for Rohff, “93 se débrouille” for Mac Tyer, and, of course, “Persona non grata” for Lacrim. The second has collaborated with Vald, Kaaris, Remy, and Sofiane.

The track is entirely provocative. If Lacrim chose to pay tribute to Florent Pagny in this single, it’s simply a reference to the song “Ma liberté de penser,” in which the French singer discusses his tax problems. Lacrim alludes to “taxes in France” in one of his punchlines.

The artist returns to his roots in this street freestyle. Despite the success, the money, his life far from Chevilly-la-Rue, the rapper from the 94, one of the few to maintain street credibility intact, knows how to return to the street that saw him born.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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