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Kpoint and L2B are undeniably in sync!

The latest project by Kpoint, titled “NDRX,” was unveiled in 2020. It’s been four years since the rapper, armed with his guitar, departed from the rap scene. At the outset, with his track “Prisonnier du globe” and his electrifying compositions, the artist was regarded as a hopeful in the French rap scene. After unveiling two singles, “PLT” and “Solide,” the artist returns with a feature with L2B. Kpoint is undoubtedly on the verge of releasing a new project.

Kpoint and L2B are undeniably in sync!

The artist from 91 has established his artistic signature, particularly since his collaboration with Ninho on “Ma 6T a craqué,” a reference to one of the first films addressing neighborhood issues. He asserted to BooskaP in 2019, with the release of his project “Temps additionnel,” that people primarily recognize him after this connection between these two 91 stars: “Clearly. The guitar riff, the lyrics of this track… these are things that people now remember.”

The instrumental composition of the track is the work of Michael Nwawel A Dang, Régis Bornil, and Antoine Auzeby. Melodic and driven by a guitar riff, this composition doesn’t bring about a revolution; Kpoint has always had a fairly diverse repertoire since “Trap’n’Rol.”

The video was directed by Mobegcam. Quite simple and poetic, the video shows the two artists in their neighborhood. The director has previously collaborated with Ninho and Yaro on the visuals for the track “Les étoiles.”

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