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Ninho and Lil Baby tell you the “Blue Story”!

Ninho and Lil Baby tell you the “Blue Story“! Diamond record for “Destin,” as a sign of passing time, Ninho has been working on projects since “Jefe” and then “N.I,” to which the artist from the 91 area code has just released a reissue. Before his triumph, the artist was one of the few rappers featured on TF1’s news program. It was reported that “Ninho is a rapper who knows how to speak to the youth.” Yes, ever since “Malcolm” on “M.I.L.S 1,” the rapper has been able to put words to the woes of the youth. Minimalistic but effective, he can awaken dormant emotions. With the reissue of “N.I,” the artist offers international collaborations, the final string missing from his bow, and collaborates with Omah Lay, Ayra Starr, Central Cee, and Lil Baby. N.I has just revealed the visual for his collaboration with Lil Baby, the American rapper.

Ninho and Lil Baby tell you the “Blue Story“!

Lil Baby is a rap figure in Atlanta. He spent a lot of time with Young Thug and learned the basics of life from him. Here, the instrumental composition was left at the discretion of Shayaa and PSK. The former is a regular in Ninho‘s circle. He contributed many productions to “N.I,” including “Rich Porter,” “Edouard Nahum,” “Christopher Wallace,” “Bon qu’à ça.” PSK has collaborated extensively with El Khmer and produced Mougli‘s “Privilège Pass.” The instrumental composition is entirely classic, with piano notes flowing at a rather slow bpm. Ninho, in a melancholic tone, speaks about his experiences alongside Lil Baby.

Ninho is not always street nor always hardcore. The success of this rapper lies in his extraordinary repertoire, ranging from “VVS,” to “25G,” and including classics like “Mamacita” and “Lettre à une femme.” In this track, the artist speaks of his glory with melancholy because, as a certain Demi Portion suggests at the beginning of a single, “music is ephemeral.” With clarity about his successes, his experiences, and an uncertain future for an artist, Ninho excels in the American setting, providing an excellent portrayal of the ghetto.

Between Paris and Atlanta, Matéo Da Silva and Zaven paint a picture of French and American ghettos. Matéo Da Silva is the man behind the visuals for the collaboration between Ninho and the star Omah Lay. And Zaven directed SCH on “Niobé.”

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