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Kofs, Sofiane & Soprano – Yemma

To celebrate the release of the film “Les Déguns 2,” French rap rallied together with a track featuring Soprano, Sofiane, and Kofs. It’s the true All-Star Game of French rap. In the song taken from the soundtrack of “Les Déguns 2,” the artists pay tribute to mothers. Since 2Pac’sDear Mama,” to which Pit Baccardi responded with “Si loin de toi,” the track about mothers has become a rap classic. This one, written in a humorous tone, is more than successful.

For this highly successful track, the choice of Beatmaker fell on OGBlaze & Tefa. Needless to say, Tefa is a living legend in French rap; he’s even mentioned on several singles as a prominent figure. The track is lighthearted, joyful, and quite groovy.

The three rappers, with their diverse styles, pay homage to mothers by referencing football and French rap in general. It’s a track that celebrates mothers and the entire urban world.

The music video was directed by William Thomas, a master of staging, who empowers up-and-coming artists on his YouTube channel as well as rap and music superstars.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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