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Zkr is making his “rédemption”!

Zkr is making his “rédemption“! It’s a joyful trend in today’s rap scene. The “Algérien Fâché”, Kofs, teased his upcoming project with a YouTube series. Zkr, the rapper from Roubaix, who just announced his new project “Mode opératoire Volume .1”, has also unveiled a legendary 5-minute freestyle with a short film. “Rédemption Pt.1” might be indicative of other initiatives of this kind. Anyway, in both the freestyle and the short film, nothing was left to chance for this project announcement.

Zkr is making his “rédemption“!

To begin with, the film is the work of Adrien Gallot. The director is no stranger to this kind of project and doesn’t only work in the rap scene. Recently, he directed the visual for Sofia Essaidi and Ibrahim Maalouf with “Autumn Leaves“. He follows these artists as he is also behind “Dans tes yeux“. The short film is impressive. Zkr, who is also an actor in the project, has a clean, sharp, and flawless performance. The pitch avoids the clichés of the “film de quartier” genre with ease. And Zkr can also boast of mobilizing an actor like Pascal Greggory, who was recently featured in “Jeanne Du Bary” by Maiwenn Le Besco with Johnny Depp.

The instrumental composition of the freestyle was crafted by a trio of beatmakers including DJ Bellek, Skillano, and Awarrmu. The younger brother of DJ Bellek, CEO of Morning Glory, is well-known for placing compositions with some of the biggest French rappers including Lacrim and Niska. Skillano is a regular collaborator with Zkr, having worked together on several occasions, including tracks like “Focus“, “Sang Froid“, “Senora“, “Zone ouvrière“, and “Or Pur“. The composition is almost classic.

For 5 minutes, Zkr kicks like no other. He remains a rapper who completely masters the noble art of rap. With no frills, no effects whatsoever, he keeps the listener captivated with a verbal rush that feels like thunder.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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