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Keuchei is in “Position d’attente”!

After numerous appearances on Planète Rap with Kerchak, Werenoi, and Negrito, Keuchei is making his grand comeback with “Position d’attente“. The track is taken from his upcoming mixtape. He’s just starting to unveil a sneak peek of his return.

Keuchei is in “Position d’attente“!

The musical composition of the track is signed by Floow on the track. The composer collaborated with Werenoi, especially on the tracks “Vroom vroom” and “All eyes on me“. He also produced the eponymous title of Rimkus. The composition is majestic. The rapper confirms his role as a kicker in the rap game.

The video was directed by Léo Mazzoni, a director very active in the rap scene at the moment. Léo Mazzoni has worked notably on Jul for the track “Namek” and Rohff for his latest visual work. The video has a specific tone in terms of colors. It’s elaborate but still quite spontaneous and full of energy.

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