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Lyna Mahyem pays a small tribute with “TPMP”!

In 2022, Lyna Mahyem unveils the album “Authentic” with collaborations from Zaho, Bramsito, Jok’Air, and Thabiti. Since her debut in the music scene, Lyna Mahyem has always been a refreshing artist, recognized by many fans. After a stint at Def Jam, where another image was considered for her, she returns with powerful tracks, close to her fan community. With the single “TPMP,” Lyna Mahyem explores a theme close to her heart, friendship, by narrating the story of these two best friends.

Lyna Mahyem pays a small tribute with “TPMP“!

The musical composition of the track is the work of Max & Seny and was arranged by Dr. Wang. Max and Seny have collaborated with Negrito on “Karma” and “J’ai Payé,” as well as with Franglish on “Trop Parler.” The musical production of “TPMP” is gentle, with a light reggaeton beat. A track that asserts itself effortlessly. In an interview with Rapunchline from 2023, the artist provides the true definition of betrayal: “a person who doesn’t know you” cannot betray you.

In the song, the singer evokes the power of friendship between two young girls. The video depicts the daily life of these two young girls, in their moments of joy and trials. The video production was entrusted to Fanatik Prod, which has notably directed the visuals for Didi B and Miedja in the song “Aicha.”

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