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Bag Jeune B has just dropped his “Back To Bag #2”!

This is the second freestyle from the new signing of Morning Glory. BAG Jeune B stands out with great technical skill and the ability to adapt to various music styles. The “Back To Bag #2” freestyle is now live!

Bag Jeune B has just dropped his “Back To Bag #2“!

The instrumental composition of the track is signed by a quartet of beatmakers, including Ceestackz, Sav, Yung Valentino, and Ryft. The track unfolds as a diptych. The first part of the track evokes the enthusiastic heavy bass of the West Coast of the United States, while the second part of the track is dark, akin to a title that could come from Detroit. And in the Rap Game, we know it well, it’s “Detroit VS Everybody“.

With punchlines that hit on any beat, the new chameleon of French rap continues to prove himself and showcases the breadth of his extensive repertoire, perhaps leading up to the revelation of a first single that will make waves. Founded by the brother of DJ Kore, DJ Belleck, Morning Glory did not make a mistake.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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