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Kaaris and ElGrandeToto electrify with “Que lo que”!

The triumphant return of the man who mined ‘Black Gold’ from the depths of Sevran has materialized. Since Therapy and Kaaris buried the hatchet with the reissue of “Or Noir 3”, the rapper has embraced his ‘street’ roots once again with his collaborative work, “SVR”, alongside Kalash Criminel. Shortly thereafter, he unveiled “Day One”, featuring significant collaborations with Koba LaD, SCH, Hamza, and Kerchak. His comeback is also highlighted by a collaboration with ElGrandeToto, the rising Moroccan star, in a vibrant and memorable single.

Kaaris and ElGrandeToto electrify with “Que lo que”!

The soundtrack for the track is signed by the trio Cameliro, Chipeur, and Zedka. Cameliro, known for his fruitful collaborations with Slimka, notably composed “Horizon” for Kobo. Chipeur merged his talents with Belgian rapper Frenetik and crafted “Spéciale” for Fresh La Peufra. Together, they create an electric atmosphere where the rappers shine over a robust and captivating rhythm.

Since his debut under the NoColor label, ElGrandeToto has built a solid reputation. Alongside Kaaris, they adopt an intoxicating summer style. The biting wit of the artist from Sevran deserves due homage:

"I've burned my wings, all that's left are the wings of the FeFe.
I just want to take you to heaven, I ask for your help."

The video, filmed in a festive atmosphere with a women’s futsal match in the background, is the work of Skudy, an undisputed master of dynamic visuals. This director is also behind the latest visual successes of VVES, including “Fin de Vie” and “Faut que ça paie”, in collaboration with C.O.R.

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