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Hash24 reveals himself on “Moon Vision”!

Hash24 reveals himself on “Moon Vision“! Hash24 is an artist with immense talent. A member of the 75th Session collective, he unveiled the first part of his project “Origin” on November 13th. This part is titled “Desert Blaze.” The artist also releases “Moon Vision,” a unique and subjective track.

Hash24 reveals himself on “Moon Vision“!

The artist opens up on “Moon Vision” because he swims in subjectivity, expressing the depth of his thoughts by multiplying images. Both the music video and the song are fundamentally intimate. The instrumental composition of the track is by Jerzey and Camaya. Camaya composed “The Black Poet” for Kery James, but his repertoire is quite extensive. He has collaborated with Jul, Werenoi, and Remy. It’s an instrumental production that is somewhat ethereal but driven by a reggaeton rhythm, giving it a lot of strength.

In a music video signed by Tseu Olaf, we follow Hash24 in the studio and in his daily life as an artist. Since the song is centered around his feelings, one could say that the rapper succeeds in creating an exceptional atmosphere.

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