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Ben Plg unveils a social mural with “The Taste of Salt”!

Ben Plg unveils a social mural with “The Taste of Salt“!In March 2023, Ben Plg unveiled the EP “J’rêve mieux qu’avant” with features from Lujipeka, Sto, and Limsa d’Aulnay. He makes a grand return with the track “The Taste of Salt.” The artist is unique, original, and better than anyone else represents the evolution of rap in France.

Ben Plg unveils a social mural with “The Taste of Salt“!

The artist hails from the Hauts-de-France, a mining region that served as the backdrop for Émile Zola’s novel “Germinal.” Like “Les Misérables” by Ladj Ly and Victor Hugo, which continue to resonate in the 19th as well as the 21st century, the Hauts-de-France have been struck by deindustrialization and crisis. The title of Ben Plg, seemingly innocent as it may appear, is a title that symbolizes in its lyrics as well as in its metaphorical visuals the woes of the North.

The class struggle with autotune under the honking sounds.”

The track was composed by Lucci, Murer, Le Caméléon. Lucci collaborates with artists who operate in the same style as Ben Plg, including Bekar, Georgio, Josman, and Limsay d’Aulnay. Murer has previously collaborated with Ben Plg on numerous occasions, contributing to tracks like “La voix dans ma tête” and “Mauvaise nouvelle.” Le Caméléon works with similar artists. The instrumental production, starting with a piano solo, sets the stage for a smooth melody on which Ben Plg can deliver his fiery lyrics.

Sensible and uncommitted lyrics, more of a heartfelt cry than a moral lesson, Ben Plg adheres to the two imperatives of French rap, which can be defined with two quotes: “Those who claim to do rap without taking a stance” and “Rap is the testimony of the silent minority.”

The team at Bien Vu handled the production. It perfectly complements the title. There’s no need to introduce this team of directors who have always prioritized quality over bling.


C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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