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Gylick- Comme ça

Meet Gylick, a talented afrobeat artist hailing from Congo Brazzaville. Having grown up in various African countries, Gylick brings a unique multicultural touch to his musical style. A polyglot, he sings in English, French, and incorporates words from his native dialect, showcasing his rich and diverse background.

Gylick discovered his passion for music at a young age, starting with playing the guitar. This musical journey led him to compose his own melodies, marking the start of a promising career. His songs, steeped in a deep love for romance, explore universal themes such as love, passion, and human relationships. His captivating voice, combined with his knack for creating catchy melodies, transports his audience into a world of emotions and sensitivity.

Gylick has just unveiled “Comme ça”, an enthralling title that perfectly represents the afrobeat genre. The song tells the story of a young man enchanted by the sensuality and grace of a dancing woman. Driven by a burning desire, he is determined to win her over, using all means at his disposal. “Comme ça” blends the infectious rhythms of afrobeat with lyrics that capture the excitement and passion of an emerging love story.

“Comme ça” by Gylick is more than a song, it’s an invitation to dive into a universe where the captivating rhythms of afrobeat intertwine with enthralling love stories. Prepare to be transported into a world where desire and rhythm become one. With this new title, Gylick confirms his status as a rising star on the afrobeat scene.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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