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Favé speaks to you “En Vrai” (For Real)!

Favé speaks to you “En Vrai” (For Real)! Still signed with Believe, Favé revealed “Il le fallait” (It Had to Be Done) on October 13th. After filling the Olympia, he announces his concert with the single “En vrai” (For Real), a real hit that showcases the rapper’s signature style.

Favé speaks to you “En Vrai” (For Real)!

The track “En Vrai” (For Real), from the album “Il le fallait” (It Had to Be Done), was produced by DJ Beleck and Skillano. DJ Beleck, mentioned by Booba in the track “Alter Ego”, is a heavyweight in the field, having collaborated extensively with Lacrim. Skillano, who has worked more than once with ZKR, notably created “Flashback” for the rapper. The production is Chill and gives the rapper free rein to launch his tirades.

Favé developed his style in “Il le fallait” (It Had to Be Done). His success is also explained by the originality of his style in a rap world that favors dominant trends. The artist announces his Zénith concert for April 12th. He is a beast on stage. The clip includes footage from his concert at the Olympia.

It was directed by Kespey & Nzographic. Kespey notably created the visuals for the collaboration between ISK and Niro.

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