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Jarod – Termine 2023

The Parisian rapper Jarod marked the end of 2023 with the release of his track “Termine 2023”. This song continues Jarod‘s annual tradition of concluding each year with a new piece, a practice that has solidified his reputation in French rap. “Termine 2023” was released on December 31, 2023, affirming Jarod‘s constant evolution in the music industry.

The song is distinguished by its impactful punchlines and dynamic style, hallmarks of Jarod. The instrumental production was done by Reek Starcks and MCL, with Reek Starcks known for his fruitful collaborations, particularly with Moha La Squale on the album “Bendero”. The composition of “Termine 2023” is described as explosive yet classic, aligning perfectly with Jarod‘s “Chameleon” style.

The street clip for the track was produced by Ecran de fumée, who also worked on Jul‘s clip “Coeur Blanc”. This release follows in the footsteps of Jarod‘s previous successes, such as his solo album “Frappe préventive”, “Caméléon”, and his acclaimed mixtapes like “New Attitude”, “Before the War”, “Ronin”, “Clout”, and “Grande Équipe”.

In terms of reception and performance, “Termine 2023” quickly gained popularity, reaching 89.9K views on YouTube shortly after its release. This song extends Jarod‘s series of freestyles, considered the longest in the history of French rap, thus highlighting his growing importance and popularity in this musical scene.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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