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Gips unveils “Prototype”!

Gips has announced his album “Passenger 59” featuring collaborations with ZKR, Zbig, Voleur pnz, and Osirus Jack. He releases his track “Prototype” following his collaboration with Osirus Jack.

Gips unveils “Prototype“!

Hailing from Northern France, Gips has been “knighted” by Marseille according to the “La Voix du Nord” newspaper. According to the article, when talking about Jul, the artist expresses deep respect: “I followed him like a fan. I thought to myself, ‘There are a million rappers, why would he listen to me?’ In reality, he closely watches what happens on social media. He’s the number one.”

The instrumental composition of the track is signed by Gips himself, according to Spotify credits. Jul also composes his own tracks. The composition is at the core of the track. Between disco and boom-bap, the production is simple but devilishly effective, adorned sometimes with a guitar, sometimes with a heavy violin, or with layers of a soaring synth. In any case, it’s rhythmic, and it’s a track in the style of Jul (an expression commonly used in this context and validated by Mouloud Achour in an interview).

Very expressive, this track is a ray of sunshine in a cold and dry winter. The video was directed by Hustler Games. The production company has been active for at least 10 years, and it produces videos in both independent rap and for more established rappers. Recently, Hustler Games Premium collaborated with Zed and Timal on the track “Sur écoute“.

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