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Roshi and Shaz reveal “Blackpearl”!

After unveiling a joint opus with beatmaker Amine Farsi, Roshi presents the first extract from his opus “Night Ride 2“, which he crafted with Shaz. The rapper continues his momentum with collaborations with prominent music producers.

Roshi and Shaz reveal “Blackpearl“!

The instrumental composition is the work of Shaz and Yoko. Yoko is a beatmaker who frequently collaborates with Roshi on tracks like “Nos proches“, “La cabine“, and “Mon kit“. Shaz is a beatmaking expert who has notably worked with SCH on tracks like “Le code” and “Plus rien à dire“. He has just unveiled the project “Paris X Atlanta“.The production is chill, and Roshi navigates in an original style.

The video, directed by Ryudreki, a regular collaborator of Roshi, is simple and effective. The director depicts Roshi in motion around a garage. Ryudreki also crafted the video for “Canon“.

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