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Gips and Voleur PNZ set the vibe with “Habibti”!

Gips has finally unveiled his album “Passager 59” featuring collaborations with Osirus Jack, ZKR, Zbig, and Voleur PNZ. In light of the release of his debut album “Le monde est à nous”, Gips shared with Alohanews that he recorded the album between Tourcoing and Marseille. He is deeply connected to the spirit of the Phocaean city, and his tracks exude a sunny vibe.

Setting himself apart in the album with introspective tracks and occasionally festive tunes that have contributed to his success, Gips unveils the visuals for “Hazbibti”, featuring Voleur PNZ, to promote his project.

Gips and Voleur PNZ set the vibe with “Habibti”!

The highly festive instrumental composition is crafted by the renowned Skoozy. The Algerian beatmaker has previously produced tracks for the likes of Jul on “Kusher Koy” and “Sur la costa del sol”. The track is infectious and celebratory, radiating joy and sunshine. Gips and his Italian counterpart Voleur PNZ exchange energetic flows, making it a truly captivating piece.

The music video, directed by Hustler Game in the neighborhood, is dynamic and lively. Hustler Game stands as a pillar in the French rap scene, having previously directed “Prototype” by Gips, and more recently, the collaboration between Lamatrix and Leto on “VDM”.

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