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Mortalla and Mougli join forces brilliantly in this audacious piece, “Can-Am.”

Mortalla has recently announced his collaboration with the AllPoints label, marking a new milestone in his career. To celebrate this partnership, the artist unveils his debut single, accompanied by the talented Mougli. With the captivating track “Can-Am,” Mortalla makes a triumphant return to the realm of music’s elite.

Mortalla and Mougli join forces brilliantly in this audacious piece, “Can-Am.”

The masterfully orchestrated instrumental production is the work of the renowned Noxious, a beatmaker hailing from Bordeaux who has left an indelible mark on the history of French rap. His collaboration with numerous esteemed artists attests to his artistic versatility. The musicality of the track is both compelling and evocative, avoiding the pitfalls of mere festivity.

In this musical narrative, the two young rappers take turns sharing their experiences on the streets, creating an unexpected narrative crossroads of intense storytelling. Their complementarity is evident through their respective ego trips, weaving a captivating storyline.

The video, directed by the talented Badazz in Compiègne, provides a dynamic immersion into the heart of the city. A genuine street clip, energetic and effective, following the recent staging of “Signé pour 10K” by Beendo Z.

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