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Oldpee, Hamza, and Guy2bezbar apologize to you with the song “Sorry”!

Oldpee, Hamza, and Guy2bezbar apologize to you with the song “Sorry“! Oldpee is gearing up to unveil his first mixtape titled “Je m’appelle Sidi” after releasing two solo EPs. This member of the 13Block group, hailing from Sevran, announced with his collective that fans would need to wait a bit longer for the release of “BLO III“. Thus, Stavo, ZED, and Oldpee continue their solo journey while awaiting the grand reunion, a strategy reminiscent of the Wu-Tang before the release of “Wu-Tang Forever“. Oldpee has already unveiled a significant collaboration with Dinos and his partner ZED on the track “Tant de signes“. He now returns with a new excerpt, featuring Hamza, the Belgian artist on the rise, and the highly promising Guy2bezbar.

Oldpee, Hamza, and Guy2bezbar apologize to you with the song “Sorry“!

However, these are not the only collaborations on this project. With “Je m’appelle Sidi“, the artist has also crafted tracks in collaboration with Gradur and DA Uzi on “Tromper“, as well as with Freeze Corleone and So La Lune. The complex instrumental composition of this latter track was created by Freaky!, a beatmaker hailing from Canada, who is also responsible for the latest excerpt from Oldpee‘s album, “Tant de signes“. The instrumental production is electrifying.

The three artists advance with their distinct strengths and complement each other perfectly. The performance of Hamza, who recently unveiled the track “Drifté” in a completely different style, is particularly noteworthy. Oldpee, Guy, and Hamza blend harmoniously into Freaky!‘s production. It’s a true rap gem. The visual for this track was created by Yaz Artwork, an artist who notably designed the cover for Lacrim‘s latest surprise album, “Sale époque“, released a few weeks ago.

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