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DTF is on cloud nine with “Sale Dance”!

Several weeks ago, the group DTF announced the re-edition of “Karma”. Impressed by the loyalty of their audience, the members of DTF revealed a special program on their Instagram account. The two rappers planned to release a new title every two weeks until the re-edition of their album.

DTF is on cloud nine with “Sale Dance”!

DTF is part of the QLF galaxy. This collective, most notably comprising the “Deux Frères”, has represented their 91 all the way to the Eiffel Tower (PNL). To kick off this series of music videos heralding the release of “Karma” re-edition, RKM and RTI paid tribute to their audience they met at concerts with Sans le savoir”. They then covered a classic by Nathalie Cardone, “Liberta”, and continued in the style that has been the strength of the group and PNL with Tant de choses, an immersive single. They return with the fourth excerpt from the re-edition of “Karma”, a “Sale Dance” that soars to the stars, showcasing the strength of DTF‘s style.

The instrumental composition is by RJacksProdz & Masta, a duo of beatmakers from Vigneux-sur-Seine in the 91, known for their compositions in France for artists like Naps, MMZ, and Djadja & Dinaz. They are also credited on the track “Katten i trakten” by the Swedish rapper Einar, who met a tragic end. The instrumental production they created for DTF harmonizes perfectly with the group’s style, evoking a journey through space.

DTF embraces an exceptional stylistic approach and has appreciated diverse concepts since its inception. For their music video, DTF once again trusted the duo flopjpg & ksgraph9 (who had produced “Tant de choses”) to create a video in a game setting. Featuring RKM and RTI as video game characters wandering through space, the directors place DTF in their element. The success of this piece lie

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