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Momsii feat Zed – Cheval rouge

SPKTAQLR’s artist, Momsii, is the latest addition to this label that prioritizes exceptional quality work. Dinos and Dosseh have already brought prestige to the label. Since the beginning, the artist hailing from Pontault-Combault in the 77 department has shown a pronounced fondness for words. Despite their young age, Momsii‘s penmanship, a rallying symbol of “SPKTAQLR”, is already impressive.

After releasing “Libérable” and “Mondeo” in 2023, Momsii, protected by the SPKTAQLR label, unveiled the EP “LGT” (Le Grand Terrassement). The project consists of 5 tracks and includes two collaborations with Dosseh and Zed. In this EP, the artist from the 77 department reflects on their experiences in the streets and in rap, their thirst for success, and expresses their emotions. Between the melodic tracks and their street-style rap, Momsii has just reached a new milestone in their career.

The music video for their collaboration with Zed has just been released. Shot alongside a Ferrari during the summer season by Hustler Games, the collaboration between Zed and Momsii remains very street, far from the pursuit of a summer hit. Produced by a certain Focus Beatz, who has already provided numerous instrumentals for Ziak, the composition is dark and heavy. The two rappers take turns in an ego-trip, maintaining an infernal rhythm, paying homage to the Italian brand.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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