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Discover Fresh LaDouille’s #8 La Douille Freestyle Series

Fresh LaDouille unveiled the “Deluxe” version of his “Voltaire” project last July. He enriched his tracklist by collaborating with Alonzo and ElGrandeToto.

Fresh LaDouille : The 8 th

Hailing from Ivry, rapper Fresh LaDouille has already achieved the million views that were missing from his record. The release of his album “Voltaire” was also celebrated as it should be in Ivry upon its release. The rapper from the 94 region enjoys massive support from his community. As an extension of his singles, he released the eighth installment of his “La Douille” freestyle series.

The track was composed by Amine Farsi, one of the leading figures in beatmaking in France. The composer also unveiled a project in 2022 titled “Farsi” and played a key role in the history of French rap. He was assisted on this track by YJ Production. The instrumental production is dark and energetic.

In his familiar style, Fresh LaDouille delivers a rapid verbal flow. He strings together almost menacing punchlines that punctuate a video directed by the legendary Kespey. The video alternates between footage of Fresh LaDouille shot in 4K and snippets of everyday life in Ivry on Snapchat and Instagram.

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