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Discover the Hip-Hop Scene of the 59 Region with Nyda and Gradur

Nyda is the latest sensation from Roubaix. The artist, hailing from the 59 region, had already unveiled the first chapter of his adventures with “Le réveil du loup” (The Wolf’s Awakening).

The 59 Region Hip Hop Scene !

He has just released the second part of his mixtape titled “Acte II: Le Loup dans la bergerie” (Act II: The Wolf in the Sheepfold). He collaborates with several renowned artists in this project, including Gaulois, Osirus Jack, Douma, Kalash Criminel, Rochi, and his accomplice Gradur. It’s with the latter, also hailing from the 59 region, that he presented the first video excerpt from his project, fittingly titled “Vie de Biggie et Pac” (Life of Biggie and Pac).

From independent rap (think of “Tupac & Biggie” by Mamen Myck) to the genre’s heights, the influence left by the two legends of American rap continues to shape the rap music landscape. The instrumental production of this track was crafted by a certain C2s, a highly active beatmaker in the French new wave scene. He has notably composed for Freeze Corleone with his track “Big Pharma“, as well as for Osirus Jack. The composition is raw and rhythmic, perfectly aligned with the rap style that C2s has been championing since his beginnings.

Gradur and Nyda provide a glimpse of their talent. At the start of his career, Sheguey had already showcased his impact through his eponymous freestyles. With Nyda, they offer a technically skilled rap, overflowing with vitality, which could put their Parisian counterparts to shame. The first excerpt from Act II is accompanied by an explicit video signed by DiverCity Record.

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