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Explore Beendo Z’s “Different” Style in His Latest Track

Beendo Z has been unveiling one single after another since the release of his project “L’élu” in June 2022.

Beendo Z : A new project ?

The rapper belongs to the emerging Parisian music scene. Hailing from the 95 region, he initially dropped the track “Mbappé” before creating the sixth episode of his freestyle series,Inspiré de faits réels.” In this sixth installment, the rapper crafted a genuine style exercise by dividing his freestyle into 3 parts, showcasing three different facets of his artistic personality. His latest piece, “Différent,” once again expresses the artistic uniqueness of this artist.

The composition of the track was a collaboration between Numbeatz Maker and SkalzurProd. Only the former is credited on Rapgenius for Lukas Jee’s “Lunaire” track. Dark and rhythmic, the song remains true to the rapper’s artistic signature.

The video for “Différent” begins with archive footage from Skyrock and is followed by a long list of corrosive punchlines in the heart of Paris, which takes on a Chicago-like vibe. Directed by SPONGE PRODUCTION, the video has all the elements of a street clip, except for the image quality. The director stays true to the Drill spirit while delivering a high-quality video.

Beendo Z is unquestionably a rookie to keep a very close eye on.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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