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CypherX – Drill 1.9

Cypher X, the versatile musician hailing from the South of France, has recently unveiled his latest track, “Drill 1.9,” taken from his album “1ère Chaise.” At the age of 30, Cypher X has built a strong reputation as a drummer and guitarist. His musical journey began with an introduction to jazz drumming at the Conservatory, marking the start of a diverse career that spanned a decade of performances in rock, blues, and jazz ensembles.

Originally from the French Riviera, Cypher X has regularly set the night scenes ablaze in the region and participated in private events, drawing attention with his exceptional musical skills. However, at the age of 25, a chance encounter with Epta and other artists from the CHL Production label acted as a catalyst, prompting Cypher X to make a significant artistic shift towards the trap genre.

Fueled by the desire to transcend the often narrow confines of trap music, Cypher X dedicated his energy to creating his album “1ère Chaise.” This project, undertaken in precarious conditions, testifies to his absolute dedication to his art.

“1ère Chaise” stands out for its innovative approach to rap, blending traditional acoustic elements with modern trap/drill sounds. In this album, Cypher X addresses critical topics such as transhumanism and the consequences of technological advancements through sharp lyrics and provocative punchlines. His themes explore unconventional territories, deviating from the beaten paths of traditional rap.

The central concept of the album, the “chaise” (chair), plays an essential role as a metaphor for Karma and Yin and Yang. It illustrates the various facets of life and our powerlessness in certain situations. The depth of this metaphor provides a unique perspective on the themes explored by Cypher X, adding a layer of complexity to his music.

With “Drill 1.9,” Cypher X continues to push the boundaries of musical creativity, offering listeners an immersive and unprecedented experience. His bold exploration of themes and fusion of genres make him an artist to watch closely in the contemporary music landscape.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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