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Bumpy- Freestyle #SHOOT1

At just 24 years old, Bumpy, hailing from Orange in Vaucluse (84), emerges as an emerging talent on the independent rap scene. With nearly eight years of experience in the field, it’s been in the last two years that he has truly dedicated his time and energy to honing his craft.

As an independent artist, Bumpy stands out with his unique style, navigating between melodic drill and trap, while exploring other musical genres. His creations, mirroring his inaugural project, a freestyle series titled “#shoot,” showcase his serious commitment to his artistic journey.

The first installment of this series, simply titled “#shoot1,” is already available on YouTube, providing listeners with a captivating glimpse into Bumpy’s musical universe. In this freestyle, the artist demonstrates his versatility, skillfully maneuvering through melodic drill with impressive ease.

Bumpy, whose musical career began at the age of 16, has traversed a significant path since his early days. His artistic evolution over the years is evident, especially since he made the decision to earnestly dedicate his time and talent to rap. This choice has allowed Bumpy to develop a unique style that blends catchy sounds with motivational and sincere lyrics.

His approach to writing is equally distinctive, as Bumpy doesn’t limit himself to a specific theme. His inspiration stems from his current mood, enabling him to explore a variety of subjects in his songs. This creative freedom is fully evident in “#shoot1,” where the artist delivers impactful and authentic lyrics.

The freestyle “Shoot 1” serves as a sonic business card for Bumpy, offering listeners an immersive glimpse into his emerging talent. The track embodies the artist’s determination and passion, foreshadowing a promising career within the independent rap landscape.

For fans of melodic drill and authentic rap, “#shoot1” extends an invitation to delve into Bumpy’s ever-evolving musical universe. With eight years of experience and a serious commitment to his art, Bumpy promises to make a significant contribution to the rap scene, continuously pushing the boundaries of his artistic expression. Stay tuned, as this independent artist continues to forge ahead with determination and creativity.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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