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Aya Nakamura and Ayra Starr are “Hypé”!

Aya Nakamura will represent France at the opening ceremony of the Paris Olympic Games. A symbol of success, but also a symbol of France’s disenchantment with the suburbs since her beginnings, the singer has been the target of racist attacks from the far right ever since she donned the attire of the black Marianne that France rejects. In this disorder where news outlets respond to polls of a France that places the National Rally at the top of the polls for the European elections, Aya continues to play with the stars. The singer, dubbed the “Madonna of the suburbs” by a commentator, and whose name was butchered during an official ceremony, is the French star who fares best abroad, it’s very official.

If Médine wanted to “order Marine as a piñata for his daughter’s birthday,” the singer pays homage to the identity of France by featuring with Ayra Starr. The Nigerian star, who boasts millions of listeners like Aya, will undoubtedly go unnoticed in a France that prefers to glorify Napoleon or Raymond Barrès instead of looking at itself in the mirror. The remix of “Hypé” by Aya Nakamura and Ayra Starr takes off with over 2.5 million views just days after its release. It’s the best response from an artist faced with the evidence of a country fractured by real and denied racism.

Aya Nakamura and Ayra Starr are “Hypé“! (Whether you like it or not)

It’s a completely reggaeton track with instrumental production by Josh and Chef Bandit. The name Josh should ring a bell. The French beatmaker is behind Dosseh’s biggest hit, “Habituée“. The single, released before the album “Vidalo$$a,” is not representative of the rest of the project, but it launched the project of the rapper SPKTQLR. He also composed the track “Notif” for Shay and “Chop” for Fresh. That’s saying he’s a hitmaker. The reggaeton composition is the perfect stage for the two singers who offer a sensational musical and visual spectacle.

In a dreamlike setting brought to life by Paul Esteves and Julien Allard, the two artists pull out all the stops. It’s a big-budget video that also emphasizes the sensuality of the two artists. The video transports you and makes you dream.

Perhaps this is the secret that elevates Aya Nakamura to the top. Without cheating on her social origins or her physique, she earns the diamond record in France and several certifications abroad, becoming the role model for a generation of women not accustomed to being associated with success and glamour.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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