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So La Zone and Fianso send you a vibrant “Hasta La Vista”!

The rapper hailing from Castellane has just unveiled his latest project entitled “From Cell to Castle”, a work marked by high-level collaborations including artists such as Sofiane, Graya, Gotti Maras, and Emkel. In a recent interview with abcdr du son, So La Zone revealed having cultivated his rap talent behind bars: “Rap began as a simple pastime. I never would have imagined it would come to this. I used to write in the solitude of my cell, to escape: if my emotions were running high, I wrote to calm myself down. Some texts, I kept for months before bringing them out, unchanged. It was truly in prison that I became aware of the gravity of my art.” With the release of the music video for his collaboration with Sofiane, titled “Hasta La Vista”, the rapper once again showcases his explosive talent.

So La Zone and Fianso send you a vibrant “Hasta La Vista”!

The musical composition of the track was entrusted to L’Adjoint Skenawin, an emblematic figure among the beatmakers of Marseille, much like Spike Miller. This artistic collaboration, recurrent with Sofiane on tracks such as “Toka”, “Ma cité va craquer”, and “Mon ptit loup”, lends the song an explosive, minimalist yet dark quality, tinged with palpable anxiety.
The two rappers deliver sharp punchlines, flowing as if in the midst of a freestyle session. So La Zone reflects on his life experiences with lines such as: “If you try to read in our eyes, you’ll find no words written.” As for Sofiane, he has excelled in this art since his beginnings, already impressive in his early “Blacklist” and cult freestyles under the hashtag “#jesuispasséchezSo”.

The direction of the music video was entrusted to the talented collective 420Workshop, accustomed to working alongside the So La Zone label and Graya. The result is a visual extravaganza, a video shot between Paris and Marseille, which will remain etched in memory.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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