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AM La Scampia plays the card of “Comme en 2007”!

AM La Scampia unveiled his project “Triste Fête” in 2022 with collaborations from Le Rat Luciano, Timal, Guy2bezbar, Lacrim, and Hatik. The following year, the Marseille rapper released the reissue of his project. In anticipation of his upcoming album, AM La Scampia engages in a stylistic exercise with the track “Like in 2007”, where he revisits the style and codes of the era when “kicking” was at its peak.

AM La Scampia plays the card of “Comme en 2007”!

The rapper, who was previously signed with Lacrim before founding his own label 1092, fulfilled his dream with the project “Triste fête, rapping alongside his idol Le Rat Luciano, as he explained to Scred Magazine upon the release of his project: “It’s an achievement, my pen started to ‘move’ from the moment I began listening to Luc’, understanding phrases where I recognized my brother’s life or the lives of people around me. Even though I was small, over time, I realized that these lyrics were timeless.”

The instrumental composition of this track is the work of Néné. This beatmaker is central to Marseille’s rap scene. He collaborated with Graya from the 13th art on three episodes of the freestyle series “La Castellane” and produced tracks for Naps, such as “Manipulative,”, while participating in “Classico Organisé” by Jul. However, this track is far from being “new Marseille rap.” Néné and AM La Scampia parade in a stylistic exercise, reclaiming the codes of the previous decade.

The rapper flows and “kicks” like never before. He hasn’t lost any of his flow. At a time when rap has become urban music, a category that has never found a true definition given the tremendous richness of the Hip Hop movement in its broad sense, AM La Scampia‘s return to the roots with a track like this can only be applauded.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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