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Romain Dav – 24

Romain Dav, émergent talent in the New Wave music scene, is carving his musical path with a trajectory enriched by diverse influences. Hailing from the 91 region, his music draws from a spectrum ranging from electro to French variety, traversing into Cloud Rap. After a meticulous journey to define his artistic identity and craft an innovative sound, Romain Dav is ready to unveil his latest project to the world—an EP titled “Loup des Steppes,” directly inspired by Hermann Hesse’s renowned novel of the same name.

“24”: Time Exploration with Romain Dav

Romain Dav immerses us in his introspective universe with “24,” the lead single from his EP “Loup des Steppes.” Just days away from turning 24, the rapper captures the universal sensation of time swiftly passing. Rather than dwelling in melancholy, Romain Dav explores a positive perspective: time as an ally, a tool for better self-understanding, and pursuing dreams.

Propelled by nostalgic instrumentation and moving melodies influenced by a myriad of inspirations—from French variety to Cloud Rap—Romain Dav shares an authentic vision. He encourages everyone to embrace the constructive potential of passing time.

Retro and Nostalgic Clip to Accompany “24”

To complement the release of his debut single, Romain Dav opted for a music video that delves into retro aesthetics—a return to the roots and childhood. The video subtly references the passage of time through elements like school settings, ticking clocks, and childlike drawings.

This nostalgic journey into childhood elements creates an atmosphere in perfect harmony with the track and its message. Romain Dav successfully merges his positive outlook on time with visually nostalgic elements, providing listeners with a complete and immersive experience.

With “24” and his upcoming EP, Romain Dav establishes himself as an artist to closely follow in the music scene, bringing freshness and originality through his fusion of influences and unique perspective on the passage of time.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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