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AD VITAM ÆTERNAM: Booba unveils his most rap-oriented project since “Nero Nemesis.”

In 2021, Booba released his latest project Ultra. Just like in the legendary Compton by Dre, he presents his succession with collaborations featuring artists signed with Piraterie Music and 92i, as well as with his most loyal friends, including Gato. He announces his retirement after his ultimate concert at the Stade de France. It’s in the columns of Le Parisien that he hints it would be the best way to bid farewell.

Booba returns more rap than ever!

“Me too, I know how to make some trap,” says Booba. Since the release of his project 0.9, and even earlier with tracks like Pitbull, the mastermind of 92i has always been able to anticipate trends that later became widespread. As he himself puts it, “they criticized, but all bled the autotune.” He has also been at the forefront of what is called urban song with tracks like Arc-en-ciel or Petite Fille. With Validé, featuring Benash, he anticipated the reggaeton that dominated everywhere for a few years. So yes, Kopp is not afraid to be open, and it has been successful so far.

Listening to his latest project, however, apart from a few tracks like Signé or Saga, the project is decidedly street like Nero Nemesis. DUC sends a rebuke to the rap scene that believed he was retired and on a pension. Perhaps the project was spontaneous as well. With tracks like GM featuring Evil P and Gato, or Dolce Camara with SDM, the artist indulges himself.

Like other rappers of this generation, Booba has nothing left to prove. This dark and powerful project, akin to the track 6G that punctuates Booba’s various releases, is primarily an album without commercial aims, where Kopp takes his pleasure. And apparently, it works with 3,358,000 streams in just 24 hours on Spotify.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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