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Liza Monet: The Founder!

“Liza Monet: The Pioneer? Liza Monet has been a presence in French rap for over a decade now. In her early days, the rapper stood out distinctly from her contemporaries. The image of the lovestruck and fragile woman perpetuated by much of urban music in the 2010s welcomed a singer who proudly claimed her American heritage, spoke boldly, expressed herself like a man, and didn’t hesitate to use her assets. There are more artists today embracing this style.

Liza Monet: The Founder!

How can we describe Liza’s style? She’s akin to a French version of Cardi B. The young woman with a scandalous past bares it all in her music videos. She speaks the street language like the male rappers. Despite her angelic face and voluptuous curves, she uses language that is more than explicit. In one of her early viral hits, she starts off dressed as a nun and ends up in lingerie. The rapper made a big impact, but… Liza Monet: the pioneer?

A portion of the rap scene, which was already averse to R&B in France, looked down on her. The emphasis wasn’t on her rap but on her gender. How can a genre like rap be so retrogressive when it’s supposed to represent the subversive side of society? In reality, what troubles people about Liza Monet is a woman who talks like a man. Paternalism leads us to see women as delicate, incapable of vulgarity, just as it considers a woman who attracts men as a derogatory term and a man who attracts women as a ladies’ man.

Today, there are many, like Juice, who follow in the footsteps of the pioneer in this style of rap. The pioneer has just released her new music video!”

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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