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Warra tells you: “Tu sais”!

Cultural blending has always been his battleground. Warra is an artist who hails from both Haiti and Martinique. He grew up in the Val-de-Marne, in the 94 region. Throughout his life, he has managed to reconcile his musical aspirations with his life on the Parisian catwalks. Between fashion shows and music, the artist navigates his life. He has just unveiled the track “Tu sais”, an ode to toxic love.

Warra tells you: “You know.”!

The instrumental production of the track is the work of Skimzea. The beatmaker collaborated with Marwene Jibali and Cintia Nicole. The track is inspired by R’n’B. Contrary to popular belief, Warra is comfortable; he has urban pop, Afro-Caribbean influences such as afro beats, RnB, Zouk, and Rock. He is a complete artist. In this track, he evokes toxic love:

“In my head, you were just the next one.”

The music video, filled with metaphors, symbolizes the couple in a dark room. Director BMX is an expert in chiaroscuro. He, who directed the music video “Nefertiti” by MVNSA, achieves a clever synergy between darkness and brilliance. Warra assisted him in his work on styling. It’s an aesthetic and well-crafted video, revealed by a talented director.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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