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The Tremplin Drill Beats is making a splash !

The Tremplin Drill Beats is making a splash. XXpressive is a highly anticipated and respected agency in the rap industry.Talented beatmakers are working in collaboration with XXPRESSIVE Studio, with three beatmakers on this project: Lemondemaker, IJuice, and Logan. Most artists today are delving into the Drill style, which has become the trendiest music genre ever since Chief Keef introduced its initial notes in Chicago. Nowadays, Drill can be found in London, Chicago, New York, and Paris. Spearheaded by artists like Freeze Corleone and Gazo, Drill made in France is gaining increasing prominence. In this context, XXpressive, a talented rap company specialized in Drill sounds, has just launched a new contest.

The production company has released an instrumental album on Bandcamp and has now launched this major contest.  Participants are invited to lay down their vocals on one of the instrumental compositions from this album. Subsequently, a panel of professionals will evaluate the creations. The deadline for participation is November 11th, and the three winners will be announced on December 1st.

The winners will have the opportunity to have their track promoted in leading French media outlets, including on the radio. This represents a significant national exposure.

They will thus have the chance to bask in glory and gain more visibility.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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