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Ashe 22 is back with minimalistic Splash Pt. 4

Ashe 22 is back with minimalistic “Splash Pt. 4”. Ashe 22 has just made a notable comeback with “Splash Pt.4.” In January, the artist released his album “Vingt Deux” in collaboration with Central Cee, Soolking, ElGrandeToto, Hamza, and Osirus Jack. The leader of Lyonzon is a prominent figure in the Drill Music scene in France.

Over a minimalist and impactful instrumental composition by Abdellah694, the artist delivers rapid-fire punchlines with a relentless rhythm, staying true to the reputation that accompanies him. Abdellah694 is a composer known for his contributions to productions for Criminls and La Kadrlla.

The music video, directed by the renowned Pièges Studios in the world of street rap, is a classic in terms of Drill Music.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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