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P13: From Prison to the Stage, a Revealing Interview

P13: From Prison to the Stage, a Revealing InterviewIn my first encounter with “P13,” I was immediately struck by his unique story. This enigmatic rapper was intricately tied to a homicide case, which had led him behind bars, where he currently wears an electronic ankle monitor. Intrigued by his atypical journey, I sought an interview to learn more about his experiences. Here is the result of this emotional and revealing meeting.

“When is the trial?” I inquired. P13’s response unveiled the uncertainty surrounding it, with the artist awaiting a date, shrouded in legal darkness.

The conversation then shifted to his life in prison. His sincere and poignant words disclosed the torments he endured, mentioning his mother’s tears, his absence from his son, and the regrets that haunt him. P13 shared the details of a penitentiary reality that deeply impacted his life.

“How did you experience your release?” The question seemed hopeful, but P13’s answer revealed that his situation was not so straightforward. Despite being at home, he remains under electronic surveillance, still in pretrial detention, with his days spent at home being counted as days of incarceration. Liberation is not on the horizon yet.

The weight on his conscience was addressed when I asked if he would carry this death on his soul for the rest of his life. The response was clear: yes, this guilt will haunt him.

P13 also thinks about the victim’s family, showing sensitivity to the pain he has caused.

Rap is a central element of his life, and P13 explained why he returned to his passion despite the circumstances. His future projects remain partly under wraps, but he mentioned an upcoming short film, demonstrating his determination to persist in the artistic field.

When asked about his influences, P13 mentioned names like Fianso and Feuneu, artists he admires for their contributions to the rap scene, particularly in supporting young talents.

The question of his musical style was broached, where he expressed a preference for conscious and melancholic rap, though these aspects intersect in his work.

Finally, the conversation turned to youth and the advice he would give to those wandering on similar paths to his own. His response was filled with wisdom, urging them to do good and listen to their mothers, while emphasizing that the perception of good and evil is relative.

Ultimately, P13 shared a message of encouragement for those going through similar trials today, reminding them that every challenge can be overcome with perseverance and faith.

This revealing interview offered a profound insight into P13’s life, from the darkness of prison to his artistic renaissance, all while reminding us that it is never too late to pursue one’s dreams, despite the obstacles.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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