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Understanding P13’s Unorthodox Rise to Fame !

Hailing from Liège, Belgium, and raised in Seraing, P13 is an emerging artist who stands out in today’s music scene. However, his path to fame hasn’t been a smooth one.

P13 : A real spirit !

Initially, P13 delved into the music world as a producer and manager, inspired by his cousin, Feuneu, who is actively involved in the music industry. Yet, life hasn’t always been kind to P13, and he faced personal challenges that led him behind bars, where he still awaits an ongoing trial. After being temporarily released, he made the decision to reinvent himself as an artist.

His journey as an artist began in the summer of 2022, with lyrics he had written during his incarceration, meticulously refined afterward. But P13 didn’t stop at becoming an artist; he also continued to be involved in music production, although he is currently on standby in that field. What motivates P13 above all is to showcase other talents, much like his own influences, including Fianso and Feuneu.

P13 already made his debut with an EP titled “C’est moi,” released in November 2022. One of the tracks from this EP, “Benef,” was accompanied by his very first music video. Currently, he is focusing on a series of freestyles, the second installment of a five-part series, with the aim of building a strong fan base before returning with a more polished project.

P13 : The broken wings !

Despite the personal challenges he faces, P13 remains determined to pursue his passion for music and content creation. In fact, he is currently under 24/7 electronic monitoring, with no possibility of going out. This has driven him to be creative by inviting directors to his home for the production of his music videos.

In addition to his music career, P13 is also invested in his clothing brand, “Méchant Salaud.” This venture was heavily influenced by his cousin Feuneu, as well as other personalities like ISK and Wejdene. P13 hopes to quickly resume this business, as managing a company from home is no easy feat.

P13 is a versatile artist who overcomes obstacles with determination, both in music and fashion. His determination to promote talents, despite personal difficulties, shows that he is willing to do whatever it takes to succeed in these two fields that are dear to his heart. We eagerly await to see what the future holds for him.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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