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Timal and Zed are ‘Sur écoute’!

Timal makes a grand comeback with Zed on the single ‘Sur Écoute’. The artist unveiled the freestyle ‘LA 16’ some time ago. Perhaps he’s preparing a new project following the release of ‘Arès’ in 2021. It’s a powerful return!

Timal and Zed are ‘Sur écoute’!

A nod to the French title of the series ‘The Wire’, perhaps? The show, featuring Stringer Bell and run by David Simon, considered the father of the modern series, portrays the interactions between the police, dealers, and politics in Baltimore. It’s a cult classic.

The instrumental composition of the track is the work of Noxious. There’s no need to introduce this beatmaker from Bordeaux, one of the most renowned and appreciated composers in France. He has worked with all the French rappers, from Booba to SCH. From the new guard to the veterans of French rap, everyone turns to him.

In the track, Timal and Zed share their experiences in a fiery atmosphere without overly emphasizing the ‘street’ side. It’s a pleasant and quite ‘chill’ song. The video is directed by Hustler Game Premium, a production that hasn’t made much noise but has been everywhere since 2015.

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