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YL and TK13 present to us “Carla”!

The rapper YL makes a grand comeback with the second part of “LARLAR,” his project. Originally, “LARLAR” is the name of the freestyle series that built the rapper’s reputation. The project is well-stocked with collaborations from TK13, Ash22, Anas, Fgz, and Krimo 68. He unveils the visual for his collaboration with TK13, titled “Carla.”

YL and TK13 present to us “Carla“!

In an abdcdr interview about the sound in December 2023, YL explained why being productive was very important to him: “The answer is clear and straightforward. I work with people who are willing to sacrifice as much time as I am. Whether it’s the beatmakers I collaborate with or my team, we’re in a vibe where we work a lot. We’re not confined to thirty-five hours. There’s no secret to it. Especially since I take my time to write, it’s even more crucial.

Since his debut with the project “Confidence,” the artist has showcased the richness of his repertoire. Over an instrumental production by Franguy Ozes, only mentioned on the track “Carla” on Genius, YL lightly recounts his “fling” with Carla. The production is typical of this new Marseille wave spreading throughout France and Europe. The track is catchy and upbeat.

Tom Orisini directed this video in dreamy settings with two lovely vixens. The director had previously worked on the visuals for “LarLar 10” for the rapper.

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