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Double détente – Au delà

The Double Détente group, formed by the brothers K-Dem and Dem-K, proudly unveils their latest album titled “Beyond”, after already delighting fans with a series of unreleased tracks. Following their remarkable collaboration with Benny-B on “La Belle Époque” and a second summer hit alongside MAD13 and Brasco on “Au Soleil”, the talented twins K-Dem and Dem-K intend to maintain their creative momentum. Their latest addition to the music scene is “Les Touchés”, a 100% hip-hop boom bap track, now available on all streaming platforms.

Hailing from the 13th arrondissement of Paris, the Double Détente group, formerly known as K-Libre13 alongside their collaborator MAD13, embarked on a duo career to offer us an exceptional debut album, decidedly chill and old school, entitled “Et au-delà…”. This opus is a true delight for aficionados of old-school purist rap, immersing the listener in the distinctive universe of Double Détente.

In continuation of their work, the brothers K-Dem and Dem-K present another track from their album “Et au-delà…”, named “Les Touchés”. An invitation to listen without moderation and share widely.

To maintain the excitement of their audience, Double Détente already announces a second album and a series of collaborations with Relo, Kalash l’Afro, Mister C, Brasco, Benny-B, Malena, and even a duo with the late Karl The Voice (rest in peace), offering content imbued with sincerity and emotions.

The group remains active in the studio, always accompanied by their composers Malhero and Ferel. With their overflowing creativity and inexhaustible energy, Double Détente is a group to watch closely. The hip-hop scene can expect great things from them in the years to come.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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