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The Belgian music industry is on the brink of a historic moment with the release of “Changer”, a song filled with hope that brings together four talented artists, each with a unique and inspiring journey. Stermah, Bilal Benjany, ALG, and L’AB7 join forces to create a promising musical synergy, blending their distinct styles and varied experiences to deliver a memorable track.

Stermah, originally from Kinshasa, began his artistic journey in 2004, inspired by a childhood friend. What started as a simple joke quickly turned into an intense passion for hip-hop. After moving to Belgium in 2005, Stermah made a notable entry into the Belgian hip-hop scene, particularly shining in battles and building a solid reputation. Preparing for his first album set for release on December 15th, Stermah promises a fusion of styles, influenced by artists like Nas and Nubi from the group Futuristiq.

Bilal Benjany, on the other hand, discovered his passion for rap during his time at the IPPJ de Braine-le-Château. Influenced by groups such as NTM and various Belgian artists, Bilal quickly emerged in the music scene. His encounter with Kartel led to the formation of the group J’Deedah, leaving a lasting imprint on the scene with their successful EP “Messagers” and their contribution to the “4800 Phase Set” compilation.

Meanwhile, ALG has nurtured a passion for rap since the early 2000s, inspired by groups like Sniper and Psy4 de la Rime. His immersion in the Neochrome world alongside artists like Seth Gueko and Salif sharpened his love for writing. With over 15 years of experience, ALG is preparing for a triumphant return, promising a year 2024 full of new developments.

L’AB7, also known as L’AB2C, started his career in the cassette era, marking his beginnings in writing. Active in the O.P.A.K collective, he played a crucial role in two major albums of the Belgian rap scene. Now solo, L’AB7 stands out with his unique fashion style, his texts that are both gentle and raw, his ever-present humor, and a strong visual identity.

The collaboration on “Changer” brings together these four artistic worlds, promising an explosive and emotionally rich musical experience. With the composition of Draw and the visionary direction of Mirai, this track positions itself as a potential catalyst for change in the Belgian musical landscape. The title “Changer” embodies hope and rebirth, symbolizing the limitless potential of these artists and music in general. Amidst the cries and crises, the 4 artists carry a message of hope to set things straight. What drives young people to crime and hatred? These 4 artists unite to change things.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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